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Everyone and everything in this universe has a price. Itīs a price
that you are willing to pay or a price that someone else is willing
to pay to you instead. By coming here you proclaim that you are aware of that.
By coming here you state that you are willing to go all the way to the end.

We are willing to offer you... Immortality. Nothing less, nothing more.
THAT is your reward. That will be a price we pay for a work well done.
To maintain the balance, you will offer us something too. A price YOU are willing to pay...

That price is your soul.

Nothing less, nothing more. That will be your penalty for a failure.

From this point on you will have but one goal. From this moment to eternity
you will have but one purpose. That purpose is ancient and holy.
Written to the stars and the moon when the gods themselves were nothing
but infants. Bring back the Darkness and let us once again prosper.
Strike down the creatures of Light.

Go to my warchief and prepare yourself for a battle.