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Black Razors Assault Team

Welcome to the B.R.A.T.īs homesite! Black Razors Assault Team was created
by those who lost their hearts, souls and lives to the game called Half-Life,
for those of you who did the same...

Black Razors is recruiting, so if you think you got what
it takes, read our rules listed at the bottom of this page.

Black Razors - Team Members


No. Name: Primary attack: Status: Member since: Logo:
1. Grifter assault/traps/sniper Founder, Commander 1st Feb 1999 no logo yet
2. Stalker sniper Founder, Sub-Commander 1st Feb 1999 no logo yet
3. Grueler "lurker" Founder, Sub-Commander 1st Feb 1999 no logo yet

No. 1
Candidate must fight one on one deathmatch against one of the founders.
Candidate wil be judged on following basis:
1. Number of kills
2. Number of deaths
3. Stealth
4. Originality
5. Versatility
Candidate will recieve an E-mail, where he/she will be informed whether
he/she passed the test or not. Final points of the test are included.
No. 2
Accepted member of the Team will have to use Teamīs logo as his/her
spray-logo. Instructions on how to do this will be given.
No. 3
Members of the Black Razors Assault Team must be loyal to each other.
This means that we have to have a mutual trust on our members. You can,
if you for some reason want to, be a member of some other clan or guild
too, BUT you HAVE TO be loyal to this one. Traitors and back-stabbers
WILL BE excecuted.

Our team has some basic ranks for our members to apply.
Ranks are:

- Private
- Sergeant
- Lieutenant
- Captain
- Colonel

Ranks are available for those of our members who have proved
themselves worthy in combat. Commitment to our team will also
be rewarded.
Every member of our team will begin as a private.

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